In Order to Protect Draftee’s Rights, Alternative Military Service Workers can Receive Monthly Maintenance Payments if Work Related Injuries are to Happen

To better take care of alternative military service draftees that are injured due to work, the Ministry of the Interior has made an amendment and promulgation on the “alternative military service draftee rights implementing regulations”, on April 27th, 2020. Alternative military service workers now have the same rights as the national army, and if they are to have work related injuries, sickness, or disabilities, as long as they meet the Veteran Affairs Council home-care disability requirements, monthly maintenance payments can be received for life. This is to relief the financial burden of family members and to protect the rights of the draftees.

The Ministry of the Interior stated that alternative service workers are also participating in military service, and should have the same rights as the national army. Therefore, the amendment and promulgation of the “alternative military service draftee rights implementing regulations” are beneficial to such draftees. When draftees meet the criteria of work related disability, they can apply for maintenance payments at their local offices. The applications would be sent to municipal or county governments for auditing and once approved by the Ministry of the Interior, the applicant will receive a payment of 11,985 NTD per month for life (the identical pay of regular service corporals).
The Ministry of the Interior pointed out that according to statistics, there are 9 people who meet the requirements of receiving this payment. These people were on duty when they were injured and paralyzed, and require care-takers to look after them. Therefore, some families have financial difficulties, while other family members lost jobs or suffered from depression due to the stress of taking care of these ill family members. This maintenance payment would be helpful to improve the quality of life of these families.
The Ministry of the Interior emphasizes that this amendment is beneficial for those alternative military service workers who have work related disabilities. They will receive better financial support after their relief of duty. This amendment is also beneficial to their families, by supporting their financial needs.