In order to effectively employ the human power of young substitute civilian servicemen in supporting the tasks of disaster prevention and rescue to respond to frequent disasters in Taiwan, the 2019 Call-to-Service of Reservist Draftees of Substitute Services and the 2nd half of the year Legal Edu...

The names of the R&D Substitute Services draftees matriculated in 2019 from the second round of the selection process are announced and made available for search at “https://rdss.nca.gov.tw/MND_NCA/”.

National Conscription Agency, Ministry of the Interior amended the 〝Examining Standards of Substitute Service Suspending caused by Injury and Diseases〞and became effective since July 2019.This amending exempted draftees who had to undergo clavicle, chest, ribs ,limbs related surgeries during subs...


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